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Herbie the DogIt’s fall of 2011.  Herbie the store Black Lab is over 15 years old, he has been the store mascot since we first opened the doors in 1998.   When he’s not sleeping he is very friendly and a leaner.  Yes he is named after Herbie Hancock.

Proprietor Barry LazarusProprietor Barry Lazarus was born and raised in Los Angeles but has lived his entire adult life in the Bay Area. He is much older than he looks. After residing in Petaluma for the ten years, he just moved a couple years ago to the great little country town of Penngrove in Sonoma county with his new family.  He got married this summer for the first and last time, big news!   He’s been fortunate to turn his hobbies into jobs his entire life: started by building and managing a backpacking/climbing store in Berkeley way back when, and opening one of the first brewpubs in the Bay Area (yes, beer is a hobby) While being a general manager of a nightclub in the SOMA district of San Francisco, he tried to think of a job that would be the opposite high stress level of running the club. At that point he had been collecting records for 25 years, and that being his number one hobby he decided to make the big gamble and open a record store. Since S.F. and the East Bay were saturated with record stores, he ended up choosing the North Bay. That was over 13 years ago.  2009 and 2010 have been the two best years of business in the history of the store.  This year is good but not raging, hopefully the country’s administration can do some real stimulation for everybody.

 We have annual store anniversary shows at an intimate local club; for our ten year anniversary at the Stork Club we had the first show ever by Modern Action (members of the Bodies, Briefs and Shifters) and the Cute Lepers.  (Modern Action sold a red vinyl Red Devil anniversary edition of their first 7” at the show, it is now a sought after collectors item, we have one copy left.) In the past we’ve had the Hex Dispensers, High Tension Wires, Aggrolites and the Bellrays play our anniversary shows. We used to have in-store shows at our old location, including The Briefs, Tyrades, and others – check out the videos on our website!

 Record Store Day in 2012 will be on Saturday April 21st.  It is by far our biggest and most fun day of the year!   Tons of limited edition releases, discounts, free beer and snacks and much more.

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