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Rare 7"

Deadbeats Kill the Hippies Dangerhouse $100.00
Middle Class Out of Vogue Joke $300.00
Wire Dot Dash Harvest UK $30.00
No Sisters Roscoe's Family White Records $40.00
Insane Why Die 7" Insane $30.00
Starjets Ten Years 7" Epic $30.00
MDC Multi Death Corporations 7" R Radical $30.00
Nuns Savage 7" 415 Records $75
Nirvana/Fluid Molly's Lips 7" Sub Pop green vinyl $60.00
Eater What She Wants She Needs 7" The Label $10.00
Angry Samoans Queer Pills 7" Homophobic $40.00
False Prophets Good Clean Fun 7" WOB $35.00
Dead Kennedys Cold Fish 7" Fan Club gold vinyl $50.00
Dead Kennedys California Uber Alles 7" Fast France different sleeve $50.00
Clash Train In Vain 7" CBS Germany $50.00
Misfits Bullet 7" First every boot/counterfeit 1986 $50.00
Beastie Boys Pollywog Stew 7" Ratcage $100.00
Child Molesters Self Titled 7" SFTRI double red vinyl $40.00
Pagans Dead End America 7" Drone $100.00
Pagans Not Now 7" Drone $125.00
Broken Bones Decapitated 7" Fall Out $30.00
Avengers Summer of Hate 7" Fan club green vinyl $20.00
X Adult Books 7" Dangerhouse $150.00
F.O.D.  Love Songs 7" Speed of Sound $50.00
Simpletones I Like Drugs 7" Poshboy $50.00
Karp We Tear Apart 7" K $15.00
Karp Prison Shake 7" Up white vinyl $25.00
Country Teasers Anytime Cowboy 7" Crypt $20.00
Donnas High School Yum Yum 7" Radio X $40.00
Hitmen I Don't Mind/RocknRoll Soldiers 7" WEA Australia $50.00
Kid Courage I Don't Wanna Dance A.P.E. $30.00
Angry Angles Things Are Moving 7" Shattered clear color vinyl $30.00
A Frames Police 1000 SS white vinyl $20.00
Government Issue Legless Bull Dischord $325.00
Cramps Blind Vision I.R.S.tible $30.00
Cramps Naked Girl Falling Down the Stairs Creation UK red vinyl $40.00
Marked Men Nothing's Changed Shit Sandwich $20.00
Minor Threat Demos 1981 Blank black labels $40.00
Stitches Sixteen Vinyl Dog root beer color vinyl #136/200 $75.00
Trash Priorities/Look Polydor UK $25.00
Spaceshits By My Side SFTRI white vinyl $50.00
Shop Fronts So Sick Red Devil/Noma Beach red vinyl #2/100 $40.00
Stitches/UXA/Corrupted Morals You Know That It's a Product Payola purple vinyl $30.00
Jay Reatard I Know A Place Goner green ink cover $30.00
Jay Reatard I Know A Place Goner black ink cover $35.00
Reatards/Tokyo Electron/Angry Angles Totally Shattered Euro Tour Splattered color vinyl, white cover $40.00
Reatards I Lie Too Zaxxon $20.00
Reatards Plastic Surgery Shattered $20.00
Jay Reatard Hammer I Miss You Goner $20.00
Rev. Horton Heat Psychobilly Freakout Sub Pop blue vinyl $30.00
Bags Disco's Dead Artifix $20.00
Clone Defects Scissorschop Italy $30.00
Exploding Hearts Modern Kicks Pelado purple vinyl $60.00
Firestarter Keen Reaction Mangrove Japan $40.00
Fatals Slave My Soul Yakisakana $20.00
Hookers Kiss My Fuckin Ass Smut-e $30.00
Buzzcocks You Say You Don't Love Me UA UK $10.00
Buzzcocks Promises UA UK $15.00
New Town Animals Fashion Fallout Dirtnap $10.00
Demonics RIPSTP Man's Ruin $10.00
De Stipjes Feel Lucky Hippy Oetstar $15.00
Diesel Queens/Insaints Maximum RocknRoll Presents MRR double color vinyl $15.00
Dirtbombs Australian Sing A Long Zerox $20.00
Fe Fi Fo Fums In the Summertime Boom $20.00
Harrington Saints Sounds of the Street Pirates Press white vinyl $20.00
Guitar Wolf/Shutdown 66 Oz Tour split Corduroy w/poster $15.00
Human Eye Dinosaur Bones Ypsilanti splattered color vinyl $15.00
Intellectuals Music for Haters Hate Italy $20.00
Velocity Girl Crazy Town Sub Pop green vinyl $10.00
Slaughter & the Dogs Where Have All the Boot Boys Gone Damaged Goods $10.00
Statics Original 1980 Punk Rock Recordings Squelch Tone $10.00
Stitches/Le Shok Cars of Today GSL color $10.00
Rebel Truth Self Titled 1995 reissue $10.00
Rebel Truth Self Titled Version Sound original vinyl xeroxed sleeve $20.00
Registrators TV Hell Rip Off $10.00
Sex Pistols  Holiday in the Sun Virgin UK $10.00
Sex Pistols  Pretty Vacant WB $10.00
Sex Pistols  Pretty Vacant Virgin UK $10.00
Belly Button Introducing Ken Rock pink vinyl $10.00
Jeffrey Novak One Man Band Fire in the Hole P-Trash $10.00
Nomads Dig Up the Hatchet 1+2 Japan $10.00
Mutants/Impatient Youth Live in San Francisco Shredder white vinyl $15.00
New York Niggers Just Like Dresden Reissue heavy cardstock sleeve $20.00
Okmoniks Compact 33 In Fi purple vinyl #196 $30.00
Onyas Hit You Up the Guts RnR Spain $10.00
Pegs Robot Romance Hostage 1st Day Issue color, signed, #d $20.00
Pleasure Fuckers Snakebite Crypt $10.00
Peer Pressure 1979/1980 Unreleased Recordings $20.00
Potential Johns You Never Cared Sandwich Man green vinyl $25.00
Killawatts/Sweet JAP Split Nice & Neat $10.00
Killawatts Dig These Kids Yakisakana $10.00
Killawatts Microwave My Heart Hate Italy $10.00
VA Kobenhavn I Ruiner Kick N Punch $30.00
Live Fast Die/VCR Split Daggerman $10.00
Mad 3 Green Hornet Time Bomb Japan green vinyl $10.00
Motards Kings of Blues Rip Off $10.00
MDC Millions of Dead Children R Radical $30.00
Tranzmitors Bigger Houses Deranged gold vinyl $15.00
Bratmobile Kiss and Ride 7" Homestead blue vinyl $15.00
Cars Let's Go Elektra Belgium $30.00
Crucifix Nineteen Eighty Four Freak $65.00
Angry Angles Things Are Moving Shattered RED vinyl 1st press #d/100 $60.00
Angry Angles Things Are Moving Shattered clear "coke bottle" vinyl $30.00
Anti-Nowhere League I Hate People WXYZ $15.00
Authorities Soundtrack for Trouble 7" Selecta, vinyl & sleeve look brand new $275.00
Avengers Paint It Black Blue vinyl $30.00
Baby Shakes Shake Douchemaster red vinyl $30.00
Carbonas w/Deerhunter, Selmanaires, Coathangers Whirly Ball $20.00
Carbonas/Die Rotzz Split Die Slaughterhaus $10.00
Carbonas Euro Tour $20.00
Crass How Does It Feel $20.00
Davie Allan & the Arrows Chopper/Open Throttle In the Red $15.00
D.O.A. World War 3 Sudden Death w/poster $100.00
Eyes TAQN Dangerhouse $100.00
Hellacopters Soulseller/Ain't Nothing to Do White Jazz $30.00
Hex Dispensers Lose My Cool Douchemaster grey color vinyl $50.00
Hex Dispensers My Love is a Bat Alien Snatch $20.00
Hole Dicknail Sub Pop blue vinyl $20.00
Hole  Miss World Tim Kerr red vinyl $30.00
Hole  Retard Girl SFTRI white vinyl $25.00
Jay Reatard Blood Visions demos Stained Circles $20.00
Jay Reatard I Know a Place Goner first press $30.00
Jay Reatard/Boston Chinks Split P-Trash $50.00
Killdozer For Ladies Only Touch & Go 5 color 7" set $25.00
MDC Millions of Dead Children R Radical $30.00
MDC Multi Death Corporations R Radical $30
Modern Action Self Titled Red vinyl red sleeve Red Devil 10th anniversary edition 100 made $50.00
Monte Cazazza Something for Nobody 7" Industrial $30.00
New Race Crying/Gotta Keep Movin $30.00
New Race Hail Columbia Pink vinyl $30.00
Rat Traps New Flesh Shattered orange vinyl 23/100 $30.00
Reatards Plastic Surgery Shattered $20.00
Rebel Truth  Self Titled Original unplayed vinyl, xeroxed sleeve & insert $20.00
Red Asphalt Self Titled $45.00
Rob Younger/Celibate Rifles Fan club $30.00
Rude Norton Mr. Ed Norton 7" Rogelletti $200.00
Offenders Lost Cause 7" Suffering Sounds $200.00
Shop Fronts So Sick Red Devil/Noma Beach color vinyl #59/100 $20.00
Shop Fronts So Sick Red Devil/Noma Beach color vinyl #2/100 $40.00
Slipknot Self Titled Revelation #3 red vinyl $90.00
Sneaky Pinks I Can't Wait Spray painted tin foil sleeve 240/300 $75.00
Soft Boys Give It To Raw $50.00
Spits Spend the Night Missile X w/lollipop candy $30.00
Stranglehold Leisure Tour '84 Taang #3 red vinyl $40.00
Stun Guns I Can't Believe It's Murder Star Crunch $30.00
Terrible Twos Plunder Ball X! $20.00
Traditional Fools I Got Baby Chocolate Covered #182/500 $30.00
VA w/Carbonas Memphis Pops Goner/Shangri-La $20.00
Vicious Circle Hidden Supervision Reactor $20.00
Viletones Screaming Fist Vile $60.00
White Stripes Big Three Killed My Baby SFTRI $30.00
White Stripes Hello Operator/Jolene SFTRI $30.00
White Stripes Lord Send Me An Angel SFTRI $30.00
White Stripes Promo picture disc XL $30.00
Zeke Slut Junk white vinyl double $20.00


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